Commons is a platform for pushing critical convos about tech to the main stage

How it Works

  • We curate a list of debate prompts. (submit your own here)

  • Users follow activity in response to the prompt (like a repo in github)

  • Users nominate a ticket for that debate which includes speakers and debate format.

  • We use our network to reach out to the people who would be involved in this debate and attempt to make it happen.

  • All users are welcome to take the prompt and host their own debate (preferably in person and offline).

  • We curate all responses to the prompt and update the thread as it develops.

That’s it!

Why are you doing this?

The future has never been this uncertain and the conversation around what’s next has never been this grating.

The debate happening on Twitter is a nightmare.

We think everyone can benefit from putting down their phone, taking a seat and advocating for a position they believe in with their own words. We think this is true for the people who are directly involved with many of this issues and those who are just learning about them. We want better debates to happen at conference venues and in high school classrooms.

What inspired this?

Mark Zuckerberg.

In his annual goal for 2019 he pledged to take on many of the public debates about tech.

We love the idea but don’t, yet, trust his follow through.

We think this idea is big and worth handling outside of Facebook HQ.

What does the demo look like?